It's the end of the world.


The sundering has come. The planet shook viciously, boiling up threats from the ground that the world had forgotten about. Complacent in their Sanctuaries and Cities, the Humans were overrun. The Drow had returned with a vengence. A war raged, and the Drow won.

To block out the hated sun, the Drow raised a cloud of ash that obscures it. Foliage withered and died, and with it, larger animals have begun to die. Hunted nearly to extinction, Dragons have become exceedingly rare, and those who survive face a constant fight for survival.

Communication has been cut off. The other Sanctuaries have not been heard of in years. Teleportation has become dangerous since there are no indications of which landmarks may have survived.

In the Western Regions, the Drow have created a central operating base at the Citadel of Shadows. During the Sundering, one of the cliffs that created Star Rise Sanctuary has collapsed. After 10 years, the Drow have finally turned their attention away from the ruins of Star Rise, allowing a small group of rebel forces to return in hopes of creating a fortress of their own so they can begin to fight back.

Welcome to Pangea, a Play by Email Roleplaying game founded in 2000.

We are NOT a Dungeons and Dragons game. We are set in an original world that is the creation of Renee Wiseman, though we do take elements from there as well as most fantasy worlds.

Because of the nature of the game, and to give our players the creative freedom of some (rare and light) mature themes, we voluntarily rate ourselves R. You probably won't see anything that graphic here, but it's much better to go over than under, right?

Post amounts vary, but we average around 300 a month, give or take. For up to date posting numbers, please see the main group. Yahoo kindly keeps track of those :). We do both "Round Robin" style posts back and forth between players on the list, as well as longer "Joint Posts" via IM. We do not accept Lurkers, no exceptions.


13 years ago, the Sundering began with a series of horrific earthquakes that literally rocked Pangea.  The first of which brought down an entire wall of Star Rise Sanctuary, the one facing the sea.  It was followed 16 hours later by a Tsunami unlike anything ever seen before, which flooded the Sanctuary and drove the inhabitants out.  These cataclysms also destroyed most of the teleportation landmarks around the world, cutting off travel and transportation. 

          Unfortunately, there was an entire civilization beneath the world known as the Underdark.  The creatures of this Underdark were a fearsome lot.  The Underdark was a vicious place, so to survive they had to become just as vicious.  The Earthquakes cut off their food supply, but then the Tsunami flooded the tunnels, driving angry drow and many other creatures of this strange underground world out into the light of day, where they waged war on the surface dwellers.

          However the Drow were unused to the sun.  They were all but blind in light, so the Drow mages drew together and unleashed massive spells that raised a cloud of dust and ash high into the atmosphere, which obscured the sun and cast the world into a dark, starless night.  Some light slips through the cloud of ashes, but very little.  Further, the ash settles over uncovered water supplies and food in short order, tainting it.

          Through it all, Priestly powers failed, and it seemed as though the Gods had turned their backs on the world, as one by one, they fell silent. This has not affected the Drow, however.  Their priests seem stronger than ever…

          During a 3 year war, the Drow conquered the western region of Pangea.       

Towards the start of the three year war, Star Rise fought back desperately, managing to collapse most of the tunnels that led up to Star Rise from below, and blocking the movements of the Drow forces. For a time, they thought this had worked.

Then the drow excavated other paths to the surface, and attacked from the outside/ Armies from numerous hosues overwhelmed nearby cities with simultaneous strikes, cutting off Star Rise from its supplies. It was to be the pattern they used for other Sanctuaries, overwhelm the patrols, and cut them off from the landbound, denying them food and supplies.

Sabice played the airbound's arrogance against them... she knew they would protect their own above the landbound. She'd threaten patrols to draw off reinforcements from Sanctuaries, then take cities out from under them. After her initial battles, she only confronted sanctuaries directly once there forces had been weakened enough by starvation.

The greatest battle was in the second year, when the Dragons of a half dozen sanctuaries and their knights sought to crush the bulk of her forces, attacking as she was consolidating after conquering another sanctuary. It looked like they were going to win, when she revealed the trap that she had led them into. She and a dozen of her most powerful wizards detonated a dormant volcano, burying hundreds of knights and their dragons in tons of ash and molten lava, and sealing her victory in the war. The last year was but a mopping up, as she easily took what was left of the those sanctuaries.

Since her conquest of the western realms, she has crowned herself Empress of Pangea, and moved to consolidate her borders, rearming her forces and preparing for her eventual attack on the rest of the ontinent. She rules from the Citadel of Shadows, a vast fortress erected in the years since her arrival on the surface, about eighty miles east of where Star Rise used to stand.

She rules, and she plans.


The World of Pangea is Copyright Renee Wiseman- 2000-now.


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